Ageröds Snickeri

Ageröd Snickeri is a small fine carpentry located in Ageröd outside Stockamöllan with proximity to Höör, Eslöv and Klippan in the middle of Skåne. Here, hand tools for carpentry are produced according to Swedish and European models from the 17th and 18th centuries, hand-planed moldings for building maintenance and machine-planed moldings with the oldest working planer in Sweden, a molding machine from 1874. All moldings are planed to order, with a minimum order of one meter .

The company, which consists of both an active workshop and a museum that focuses on the joinery industry's early machines and tools, offers many profiles from its collection of antique planer steel as well as new production in all types of wood as desired. Special orders and odd assignments are welcome!
Service Hand Tools, Fine Carpentry, Furniture Carpentry, Moldings
Material Wood
Adress Ageröd 109
243 97 Hallaröd
Phone Visa telefonnummer 0739979710
County Skåne