Boxmaker Rosenkvist

Based in Kristianstad, Jenny Rosenkvist builds handmade boxes that  store and preserve special items such as cutlery, jewelry or letters. They are also ordered for everyday items such as remote controls. The studio is also hired for customized invitations to weddings and parties. Jenny Rosenkvist has learned the craft from a Dutch bookbinder and is happy to use it in new contexts. For example, she has started a collaboration with Källemo where she dresses the famous cabinet for National Geographic (design Mats Theselius). She also makes books from recycled jeans.
Service Handmade containers and boxes, unique interior decor, exclusive wedding invitations.
Material Textile
Adress Kyrkogårdsgatan 8
291 53 Kristianstad
Phone Visa telefonnummer 070-770 06 70
County Skåne län