Aalberts Process Technologies AB

Located in Löddeköpinge in southern Sweden, Surface Treatment AB specializes in industrial surface coatings. Proper surface treatment is vital because: 

*The need for cleaning decreases.
*Production stoppages become fewer.
*Environmental impact becomes lower as both the use of detergent and new manufacturing of details are considerably less. 

Surface Treatment AB performs different types of fluoropolymer coatings. For details subjected to really hard wear, thermal spraying is a good alternative. A metal layer is sprayed onto the detail before the polymer coating. The coatings can be applied to all types of surfaces, from aluminum and steel to ceramics as well as synthetic materials. 

The factory in Löddeköpinge also offers paint removal and sandblasting.
Service Surface treatment, including: polymer coating, thermal spraying, paint removal and sandblasting.
Material Surface treatment
Adress Mobilvägen 1
246 43 Löddeköpinge
Phone Visa telefonnummer +46 46 706 500
County Skåne
Website http://www.aalberts-pt.com/sv