Autofab AB

Based in Bjuv, Ac Cobra is a knowledgeable  car company that builds replicas and operates water cutting and bead blasting. Water cutting is a method that can cut almost any material up to 200 mm in thickness. The technique pushes water under very high pressure through a small water nozzle and thus creates a sharp jet. The method does not give any heat effect unlike laser and plasma cutting, and it gives a uniform cut surface. Bead blasting is a good method to get a nice surface, especially on aluminum. One of the advantages is that it gives the same surface everywhere, even in the smallest spaces. Autofab bead blasts the fronts and rears on their cars.
Service Water cutting, ball polish, chassis construction, Cobra-replica
Material Surface treatment
Adress Bangatan 3
267 34 Bjuv
Phone Visa telefonnummer 0707–56 15 35
County Skåne län