Barum Smide

Based in Kristianstad, this small forging company has modern forging tools, but is happy to bring out their hearth and spring hammer as well. Often the customer has an idea, then the blacksmith, Magnus Andersson, gives advice on what shape best fits the house's era. For example, a modern house may need a more strict gate than a house from the 1920's.

A regular customer is Bykrogen in Österlöv. Magnus Andersson has done all the forging for the restaurant and kitchen departments: railings, consoles and decorations. "It's great to work with customers who see value in handmade goods". Barum Smide also does commisions for churches in the immediate area, such as candlesticks and baptismal trees.
Service gates, railings, art smithing, industrial service
Material Metal
Adress Furustadsvägen 226
291 57 Arkelstorp
Phone Visa telefonnummer 0709-28 65 65
County Skåne län