Bente Brosbøl Hansen

Bente Brosbøl Hansen has his workshop in the middle of Klåveröd's beautiful roaming area in Söderåsen. At the turntable, she creates both utility and art, from miniature to very large. She makes unique bowls and vases, teapots and cups. Characteristic of Bente's ceramics are stylish shapes with natural colors and simple designs in both glossy and matte surfaces. The pattern design bears clear traces from antiquity, with geometric curvature that accentuates the soft shapes of the objects. Bente Brosbøl Hansen has won 19 world championships in pottery.
Service Throws stoneware, utility series and art pottery: unique objects with advanced décor.
Material Ceramic
Adress 1685 Klåveröd
26876 Kågeröd
Phone Visa telefonnummer 0703-24 34 68
County Skåne