EMV Stainless AB

Based in Sjöbo municipality, EMV Stainless AB produces stainless steel installations. The employees specialize in stainless steel welding, known as TIG welding. They also carry out MIG welding. The company has assignments in the food and pharmaceutical industry, but also makes solutions for private individuals. When working with products for medicines and food, it is extremely important to work in a well-controlled environment, the materials must never be mixed. Faithful customers show that EMV Stainless AB meets these high quality requirements from their customers.
Service Pipe bending, welding, turning, collating, sheet metal machining, laser cutting, blasting and rail manufacturing.
Material Metal
Adress Everlövsvägen 136-40
275 63 Blentarp
Phone Visa telefonnummer 0416-77 22 00
County Skåne län
Website https://www.emvstainless.se