Guneverken AB

Guneverken AB is an expert on surface treatment of steel structures. Based in Landskrona, they create corrosion protection for new products in order to give new life to old steel parts. By sandblasting and painting, the steel structures longevity increases. Adding an intermediate spray galvanizing gives a corrosion protection that can withstand harsh environments for longer periods of time. Just as with painting, the protection durability depends on how you apply the zinc. Subsequent painting can be done directly on the galvanized surface without being blasted, in any color. Guneverken's services also includes bead blasting on precious materials such as stainless steel and aluminum. This is done in order to get a smooth surface. The process removes any annealing that occurs during welding and results in a perfect base for painting. Their customers include large contract manufacturing companies, forging companies, private individuals (who want to give new life to, for example, outdoor furniture) and car and motorcycle enthusiasts.
Service Surface treatment: sandblasting, glass bullet blasting, galvanizing, wet coating
Material Surface treatment
Adress Norra Möinge
26176 Asmundtorp
Phone Visa telefonnummer 0418-432318
County Skåne