Ifö Electric

Ifö Electric is a reliable supplier in the Swedish lighting market. Since the 1960s, the factory in Bromölla has manufactured luminaires in porcelain. Today, they are Sweden's only light manufacturer that uses this specific method. Porcelain has lasting durability, therefore, it is a favorable choice of material when looking for durable luminaires. Ifö Electric uses porcelain in the pedestals and glass in the cups. Thanks to the fact that both porcelain and glass can withstand heat and cold, they are suitable materials for both indoor and outdoor lighting as well as in the sauna. The most famous luminaire from Ifö is designed by Sigvard Bernadotte and carries his name. It has been in production since 1965 and still sells well - a clear sign that the design is really timeless. In addition to fixtures, Ifö Electric also produces fuses and electrical cabinets (service cabinets), and sells fuse accessories. The products are sold through electricity wholesalers and in stores in both Sweden and Europe.
Service lighting fixtures, fuses, service cabinets.
Material Lights
Adress Fågel Fenix väg 12
295 31 Bromölla
Phone Visa telefonnummer 0456-265 00
County Skåne län
Website http://www.ifoelectric.com