Industriförsilvring i Arlöv

Located in Arlöv, Industriförsilvring is a small family company that works with surface treatment. Their main service is silver plating, but they also have a gilding bath for smaller detail handling. The gilding bath can handle sizes up to 1200mm, while smaller pieces are placed in drums to streamline the process. To check the thickness of the details, a surface X-ray is used. When the company started in 1950, it was called Malmö Guld & Silververkstad AB and was located in Malmö. In the 1990s, it moved to the premises in Arlöv which is larger and more accessible to customers.
Service silvering, gilding, re-silvering.
Material Surface treatment
Adress Hammarvägen 19
232 37 Arlöv
Phone Visa telefonnummer 0708-43 17 15
County Skåne län