Järnet i Elden

Located in the municipality of Simrishamn, Järnet i Elden's smithy makes everything from hasps to cannons, traditional tools and architectural features. Järnet i Elden is run by Kristofer Åberg, who is a trained industrial designer and blacksmith. He likes to take on unique assignments that require unconventional solutions. In the fall of 2018, for example, he collaborated with a student at Lund University of Technology on a project in Nicaragua. It was about developing a prototype of a machete for sugar cane plantations. Järnet i Elden offers both consultation and design then products are manufactured based on finished drawings. Client's feedback is welcome at any point in the process. The company also does clay and timber work for people renovating old timbered houses.
Service blacksmith
Material Metal
Adress Älmhult 57
277 45 Sankt Olof
Phone Visa telefonnummer 0761-66 82 24
County Skåne län
Website http://jarnetielden.se/