Johan Persson Glasmästeri AB

Johan Persson Glasmästeri works with all types of glass: window glass, glass doors, special solutions, kitchen details and car glass. The company is run by the sixth generation Persson, and is one of the leading as well as the oldest in the industry. Johan Persson Glasmästeri was founded in 1878 at Lugnet in Malmö and is today located in Kirseberg. The employees are authorized glaziers and further trained in fire glass and grinding. They have conciderable expereince working with architects and various contracting parties. Private individuals can get help with creative solutions for everything from kitchens and bathrooms to ceilings and doors. Other than long experience in glass works, Johan Persson Glasmästeri has a big collection of special glass: safety films, personal protection, burglary protection, sound- and heat reducing glass.
Service Glassblower
Material Glass
Adress Vattenverksvägen 19
212 21 Malmö
Phone Visa telefonnummer 040-29 00 95
County Skåne