Krohns Krukmakeri

Krohn's pottery is run by Alexander Krohn. In his studio basedThe majority of the production is reproductions of medieval and iron age ceramics. With the help of photographs, findings and close-up studies of older objects, he tries to get as close to the original as possible.

Alexander Krohn has several years of training in ceramics production and throwing. Prior to opening his own studio he practiced at Raus's stenkärlsfabrik, among other thing. In 2018 he completed an apprentice diploma in the pottery profession. His website contains examples of his medieval pots and mugs. You can also see pottery in his own design.
Service Throwing of utility ceramics, as well as commissioned throwing
Material Ceramic
Adress Fågel Fenix Väg 12
29531 Bromölla
Phone Visa telefonnummer 0709-240 430
County Skåne