Marmor & Granit

Marble, granite or limestone? To choose the right stone requires expertise, which is found at this stone carving in Kristianstad. The company's stone carvers and fitters value the traditions of the Swedish stone industry, while also having a great knowledge of stone as a modern interior material - for kitchens, bathrooms and floors. Marmor & Granit are also specialists in restoration of natural stone facades. For example, the company has restored Stora Hammar's New Church in Höllviken. In 2017 Kristianstad's innovation award went to Marmor & Granit. Marmor & Granit is part of the Stenygruppen ( and is a member of the Swedish Stone Industry Association (
Service Works stone for kitchen counters, window sills, outdoor kitchen, walls, stairs, fountains and more. Restores stone buildings.
Material Stone
Adress Industrigatan 6
291 36 Kristianstad
Phone Visa telefonnummer 044–21 34 40
County Skåne län