Max snickeri och svarv

Max Freschi is a wood craftsman. After an apprentice diploma in furniture carpentry he started his own company in 2016. He likes to make furniture and special lathe turns such as legs and posts for homes and outdoor environments. In the carpentry shop in Svedala he also has the production of bowls and art turning. He creates specialized carpentry such as stairs, windows, doors, interiors and renovations. In recent times he has made several custom-made tables. Most customers choose oak, but Max Freschi of course works in all types of wood and with different forms of surface treatment.
Service furniture, decor, stairs, windows, doors, specialty joinery, turning
Material Wood
Adress Tittentevägen 3
233 91 Svedala
Phone Visa telefonnummer 0737–13 66 03
County Skåne