ML Borstteknik

Sweden's only brush shop, ML Borstteknik, with self manufactured brushes is located in Österlen. They specialize in special brushes, repair and contract manufacturing. ML Borstteknik has over 100 years of experience in the brush industry and helps clients with special solutions. They have produces everything from golf brushes and massage brushes to brushes for dentists, for both industry and private individuals. The store has an assortment of 2,000 different brushes: dust lashes, computer brushes in goat hair, thigh brushes and much more.
Service The factory has fully and semi-automatic machines for, among other things, brushing, turning, turning and milling. Brushes are handmade in the shop, just as before.
Material Leather, Textile & Wool
Adress Lantmannavägen 46
273 95 Onslunda
Phone Visa telefonnummer 0417-305 85
County Skåne