Mölle krukmakeri

At the top of the Kullahalvön, by the foot of Kullaberg, lies Mölle krukmakeri, run by founder Lisa Wohlfahrt. In the workshop, fourteen tonnes of raw clay is turned into turned ceramic peices each year. The potters in Mölle mainly produce for their own shop and large restaurant orders, but also take gift orders for special occassions such as weddings, companies and newborns. The craftsmanship is high, during one day up to 150 latte cups can be turned in Mölle pottery.
Service thrown utility items in clay and stoneware
Material Ceramic
Adress Mölle Hamnallé 9
263 77 Mölle
Phone Visa telefonnummer 042-34 79 91
County Skåne
Website https://www.mollekrukmakeri.se