Raus Stenkärlsfabrik

Since 1911, stone vessels have been produced in Raus, just south of Helsingborg. In the factory, both utensils, such as pots and mugs, are thrown into a collection. They are salt-glazed traditionally and burnt in the old coal oven as well as in the newer gas ovens. Right now, Raus Stenkärlsfabrik has both a Nordic championship and a world championship in throwing. Adjacent to the stoneware factory is an art hall, as well as an open studio where artists can live and work.
Service Stoneware
Material Ceramic
Adress Lokmansgatan 8
253 62 Helsingborg
Phone Visa telefonnummer 076-116 00 67
County Skåne län
Website https://www.rausstenkarlsfabrik.se