Salamander Design

In Lund there is a flexible small 3D printing company. If you submit an STL file to Salamander Design on Monday, you can usually have the printout sent on Tuesday. Customers can choose between two different types of plastic, PLA which is most common or PETG depending on the desired properties, in the size of 200x200x200 mm. Currently, white, black and red filaments are available. Salamander Design is hired by both private individuals and companies. Usually, it is companies that wants to test a prototype to see how it works. Recently, Salamander Design helped a biomedical company in Lund. The company is run by Markus Salman, who is studying for a Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering at Lund University of Technology. He specializes in product development and will graduate in May 2018. In addition to print jobs, Markus also conducts consulting assignments in mechanical engineering and product development, for example in construction and CAD. Orders are received via email with the attached STL file for a free cost estimate.
Service 3D printing
Material Plastic
Adress Vaktkarlsgången 1C
224 60 Lund
Phone Visa telefonnummer 0730-71 79 97
County Skåne