The company Sematron vacuum molds and processes thermoplastics. Sematron has been working with the technology since 1977 and molds products up to the dimension 1800x1000x500 mm. Both molding tools (of wood or aluminium) and cutter fixtures are made in Sematrons five-axis tool cutters in the factory in Arlöv. Their own CAD/CAM department helps with the communication for the customers' development departments. Since the entire production chain is within the company, time is saved, and Sematron can be responsible for all stages of both the prototype phase and the serial production.
Service Vacuum forming, plastic machining and hot forming of PEX pipes.
Material Plastic
Adress Santessons väg 17
232 61 Arlöv
Phone Visa telefonnummer 040-43 33 50
County Skåne län