Skånska Stearinljusfabriken

Skånska Stearinljusfabriken is a family business in the third generation. In the factory, just south of Hallandsåsen, Swedish-made candles are made of 100% stearine. Skånska Stearinsljusfabriken supplies, among other things, to Sweden's churches & cathedrals, to exclusive restaurants and well-stocked gift shops. In the factory shop there is a large selection of candles and accessories for sale. The family business, in the small village of Ängeltofta, is the Royal Court Supplier, a hallmark of Swedish quality. Our current king has about 130 court suppliers and 21 of them are based in Skåne.
Service Candles
Adress Ängeltoftavägen 91
262 91 Ängelholm
Phone Visa telefonnummer 0431–21 357
County Skåne