STENY-Landernäs Marmor

We work with natural stone for all types of environments, such as kitchen countertops, window sills, countertops and floors. At STENY-Landernäs, the processing of natural stone is done by modern CNC machines with high precision. The company has long experience and masters the traditional profession.

When choosing natural stone, it is important to find out what the stone actually looks like in reality, as pictures do not always give justice to the appearance of the natural stone. At STENY-Landernäs, customers can look at the material before making their choice.
Service Countertops for kitchens, windowsills, table tops and more. Only the imagination sets limits.
Material Stone
Adress Nöbbelövs Mossaväg 1
226 60 Lund
Phone Visa telefonnummer 046-39 96 60
County Skåne