Stuckaturfirman Hans Rähtel AB

The newly manufactured sphinxes that are located on Lund University's main building are made by Stuckaturforman Hans Räthel AB. The company was founded 35 years ago by stucco maker Hans Räthel. It has three employees and a network of different specialists who carry out assignments in the local area and abroad.

The company makes embellishments and artwork in the materials plaster, stone and concrete. They both manufacture and restore. In plaster, they do everything from roof rosettes to pillars, arches and figures. In the area of ​​facade renovation, they make moldings. Also, facade finishing is included in the company's operations. Most types of plaster can be carried out, such as lime plaster and stained felt plaster.

As a consequence of today's environmental degradation, sandstone facades, figures and balustrades deteriorate faster and faster. Through stone preservation, the company can harden the affected stone and thus stop the weathering process.
Service plasterwork, facade renovation, stucco, stone preservation
Material Concrete
Adress Rosenvägen 6
227 38 Lund
Phone Visa telefonnummer 070-590 03 93
County Skåne