Typotopia is a letterpress printing company in Malmö. It is run by three craftsmen who make printed matter in modern design with traditional techniques: invitation cards, art prints, beer coasters and business cards. In the studio at Möllevångstorget there are two Heidelberg Vinge, original printing presses from the 1950s and 1960s. 

Typotopia loves to experiment. They print with both old metal types and modern photopolymer clichés. They mix any Pantone color, by hand. The studio has a wide range of high quality paper. You can choose paper from wood or cotton fibers, thin or thick (Typotopia can print on paper with 910 grams surface weight or higher), paper of different colors and textures. Some customers appreciate that Typotopia's machines can also punch.
Service printing graphic design
Material Print
Adress Mitt Möllan Claesgatan 8
21426 Malmö
Phone Visa telefonnummer +46-735-07 01 26
County Skåne län
Website https://www.legotillverkning.se