Varalövs tunnfabrik

Varalövs Tunnfabrik is one of Ängelholm's oldest companies. The same products are made today as at the start in 1879: barrels and pots of oak in timeless design. The factory is run by Mats Andersson along with his son, the fifth-generation thin binder. 

The largest customers are private individuals and grocery stores who value craftsmanship. Some products are exported to Denmark and Germany, and Norway and Finland have also received barrels from Varalöv. 

The barrels are manufactured mainly in oak, but can also be made of pine or larch. They are coated in stain, varnish or oil. Galvanized strips are standard. Copper, brass, stainless steel, black iron or painted are optional.
Service barrels and pots
Material Wood
Adress Helsingborgsvägen 350
26296 Ängelholm
Phone Visa telefonnummer 0431-22018
County Skåne län